Don't Pray

by Grossman

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A self reflection track on this music thing.
Catch up with me @GrossmanMusic


That’s just me all wilding out and being extra doe.
If I was Johnny Depp in Blow? You already know.

What I’d do, how I do it one eyed on that Fetty flow.
What a Jew, howd he Jewish? I aint gotta tell you hoes.

I aint love you anymore.
Drugs. Gotta let you go.
Everytime I’m with you I be moving different decimals

Do I test it though? Do we, Dewey Decimal?
Yes or no? Shit I need this answered ‘fore I leave.

Cancer in the Zodiac, hands are on a forty sac.
Watching Rick & Morty while I order some cuisine.

There’s more than what you see to me.
I’m normally shy.
To conform to what you people see as normal Id die.

Id find a corner and cry in it, water Zionist lands.
More of them dying and I’m here vying for violence to end.

Let the violins begin.
Bring the violence to end.

Don’t pray for me, don’t pray.
What’s the point if I’m loving the grey.

Don’t pray for me, don’t pray.
Leave me here let me wither away.

I’m throwing roses on the grave of baby moses.
Mosey over those who never showed me no respect.
Sick of tryna promote my shit but never getting noticed.
I noticed that no matter what I do it never ends.

So I try to take it day by day and slave away on paper.
For paper, Beta Ray and Bills I never paid ‘em.
Collectors always anxious, repping Always Sunny
Respect ‘em all but hate it when they think I’m made of money.

I’m tryna make some money, but I spent it all on rap.
Hoping it’ll boomerang and hit me with the cash.
Lift me off my ass, and put me in a life o luxury.
Luckily on real shit my dream is living comfortably.

Listen when I speak I’ll give you more than just my two cents.
So fuck what you think, what I think is that we do less.
Than more for the children, women and people you’ve met.
‘Cause comfort is a luxury, and all we do’s abuse it.


If money mattered, then matter would turn to money.
But it doesn’t and it hasn’t, I aint sad to see it go.
If only talent was currency I’d be current.
But it isn’t, was it ever? I feel like I would’ve known.

I feel I woulda been rich, feel it woulda felt good.
Fiend to be the leader lead my feet to get me out hoods.
Put me in some Fila’s, and get me on the road.
Tour for months and never once get sick before a show.

My show before was sick, but sick is just a measure.
Sick could be that shit you dig or shit you’d never ever.
Listen bitch you better get the shit up off my case.
Before I flip my shit and kick a bitch up in the face

Fuck I’m going off, there I go again.
Telling men they’re bitches and the bitches that they’re men.
Wish I could pretend that I liked people at all.
But all these peoples isn’t friends they just people I call.

These peoples isn’t friends they just people I call.
Wish I could pretend that I liked people at all.



released May 15, 2016
Beat by: Padre D @PadreDPro
Mixed & Mastered by: DJ Merciless @DjMerciless




Grossman Toronto, Ontario

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