Endless Recess

by Grossman

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Toronto’s Grossman releases “Endless Recess.” A great listen with a fun, rugged twist on both classic and new generation beats ranging from U2’s “Beautiful Day” to Cee Lo Greens “Fuck You!” and many more!

Catch up with me @grossmanmusic

Vocal production by Myles Schwartz of “Free n Losh” @Losh1212

With features by:
- Lani Billard @LaniBillard
- J.Movilla @_jmovilla
- Tyanna Nikkita @TeaNikkita
- iLLvibe - @iLLvibeMusic


released July 15, 2015



all rights reserved


Grossman Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: Fire Drill
Intro: [x2]
Attention students! This is a scheduled fire drill, do not panic.
Please leave all of your belongings in their respective areas and proceed to the nearest exit in a calm & orderly fashion.
We repeat, this is a drill.

Now stop, drop. And rock!

Verse 1:
There’s smoke in the room son.
I’m bout to consume some.
Two tonnes of soot so toodaloo too to my two lungs.
I’m feeling ooh umm, a lil too drunk.
Off this 151 and Caribou Lou rum.

You come, you done son, & try to wreck it.
You son too dumb you come from but never sheket.
Shut up!

You huns, move thum buns and get to Make it.
Jew tongue: Two-some fun is getting naked
Shake it.

And just extinguish it, shake & flick & spin with it.
In a sense innocent it isn’t, listen chick, get into it.

And then get out of it, shrug then shake it out a bit.
How many Debby Downers can get down, cuz I’m about a chick.

That is you too, but this is just a drill.
I got that Jew-Flu. Achoo! I fucking kill.
Enza - Tens o mens pretenders friends and friends of.
To end the. That kid with “Affluenza”

Hook: (x2)
It was hot & now let’s get into the cold sweats.
We’ve only just begun giving you the chills.
Now don’t stop, don’t drop don’t roll yet.
We’ve only just begun giving you the drill.

Verse 2:
Now stop drop and rock. Roll with the rhythm.
Give ‘em.

All you got until there’s holes in the ceiling.
Seal ‘em.

It’s getting hot & there’s a whole lotta women.
Bring ‘em.

Into the cold until they’re holding their jizzum.
Jizz in.

Haha kiddin’ I’ma troll under bridges.

I gotta hold ‘cause there’s holes in my knickers
Stitch it.

Now pay the toll if you’re holdin the riches.
Bitches fold for the gold and perform for the dick, it sickens.

I’d have figured I’d have fricken told you to listen.
So I stole all the rolls of the coals in the kitchen

Chicken wingin’. Wing it’s how I’m told to be living
Chicken little sitted on a frozen pole and he bit it.

This is what you get when you enroll in my business
Ice cold shoes and you’re sold to the fishes.
Or some ice-cold brews, but who told you to lick it?

You did.
Yessir. Sir.
I’ma cold hearted bigot.

Hook (x2)
Track Name: It's Life ft. Tyanna Nikkita
Hook: (Tyanna Nikkita)
It’s Life and I play here, no kids, this playground’s mine.
This life has got me crazy, no thrills just valentines.

Broken hearts and homes I come from, so see, keep that in mind.
When you choose to look and judge me, just see you can’t deny my.
Way of life, cuz my life leads the way. To different heights and my life starts today.
Now drop the knife, get your life in check. Get it right, slow step, know your right from left. Let’s…

Play nice, cuz we play here, to you kids this playground’s yours.
We’ve had it far too long now and all we do is lay-down wars.
Oh no, so say no more, money isn’t happy but it’s what we go for.

(O.Zee Grassman)
Cuz this is life, and that’s it.
Nothing that we can do, we can’t do shit!

This is life, and that’s it.
Never really fair but the answer is…

That this is life, and that’s it.
If there’s nothing that we can do, then answer this.

If this is life, and that’s it…
Well then how’re we gonna see what we can’t predict?

Verse 1:
Ima man, not a god, damn ass to kiss, and I’ll be damned if I don’t find an ass to kick. From the lowpro rouges to the Masochists, to you illiterate idiots, have an Asterisk, And I am known though as “Scrotal Master Pitch” because I lowblow my foes with a Catchers Mitt – Flipping, switchin’ my rhythm, would you listen to me? Whether lost o never gained there’s more fish in the sea, See?

“Do what you need, do what you feel cuz this life’s just too short, surreal.”

F’real, take a moment & open your mind, and realize what you did is left behind…


If I had a force in the forces that be. I’d be forced to be forcing the forceful to leave.
Growing forts into fortresses, forests and feed. All unfortunate foreigners, foreign to me.

“Play nice, cuz we play here, to you kids this playground’s yours.
We’ve had it far too long now and all we do is lay-down wars.”

I’d make a force field for people for them to breath & give support to the tortured, the poor in the streets. Peep peace, no war & no more of deceased, where we eat off the floors so the orphans can sleep.

“This life has got me crazy, no thrills just valentines.”
Track Name: Tempus Fugit (Time Flies)
Said the straight man, to the late man. “Where have you been?”
Cuz time flies & it goes by fast.
Time flies & it don’t come back.
No it don’t, never still.
Never won’t, never don’t, never will!

Verse 1:
Let’s say the time is the sun, and we’re Earth.
They say our time can run out, but who’s first?
I aint in this world for the loss, but to gain.
So I build a bucket man & I capture the rain.

And let it overflow, so we can actually say.
That I gathered what’ll matter in an eon today.
& Harbor art in such an artsy articulate way.
So we won’t have our arts heart withered away.

Instead cherish it, your moments of embarrassment.
And think of all the goofy little stupid shit your parents did.
Making life vicarious, faking like a bear n shit.
“Grr Rrrr Arrr”
Aww Dad, you hilarious but…

This is where you keep it, and hold it when you have it.
Letting go of what comes easy seems to be a habit.
So this is where you keep it, and hold it when you’ve grabbed it.
The memories you never seem to see me to take for granted cuz…


Yeah, I remember memories, dinner table readily.
Eatin’ round my veggies and I wouldn’t eat my lettuce leaves.
My momma said to me “Vegetables are meant to be, essentially an entity that mentally progresses me.”

I didn’t listen too attentively, but I got the gist, smoked a spliff & everything made sense to me.

Eventually I got it, & loving that I got ‘em.
A family with plans to see their son come from the bottom.
A planet pieced together, so I bundle what I’ve gotten and my family’s a fan of me when nothings getting boughten so.

Things are optional, and I plan to get to ‘em.
But when I do ‘em I am doomed in encapsulate tombs.
I’m sick of awful stupid awkward dicks with cameras too.
But there’s no obstacle impossible, I plan to get through em.

From Pamela’s womb, to the man on the moon
I threw ‘em out all your cd’s wit amateur tunes.
And they flew…
Ye they flew…


I’m away in the shade where the sun never spots, and I pray for better days where it’s summer & it’s hot. But pain is second hand, brother of the clock & if second hand is pain, it comes around a lot.

But with rain comes shine, that’s my state of mind.
But at times I wish I would have or made the time.
And I could’ve shit I should’ve but I didn’t, and now I’m stuck with all my stupidass dumb decisions.

Living with ‘em makes me, think about ‘em daily.
Thinking’s just the brink before I think until I’m crazy.
My shrinks’ll often sit & fidget thinking they can play me.
But shrinks’ll talk a skit, and sit while thinking “Fuckin Pay Me”

Runnin you dry, even up your mind, they all futz with it, fuck with it, pluck it & pry.
But if time is money, then money is time.
So if time flies fast kiss your money goodbye.

Track Name: Shine On
Cuz if we don’t then we’re stuck in the dark.
No hope, nor light, nothing to spark.

It’s what I write in, every night when, I see that the world’s seams coming apart.

Yeah Let’s push from the past, never looking back so this world that we have doesn’t fade to black.

But never read, by anybody instead. It was thrown to the side and never brought up again…

Yeah we should but we won’t, ‘cause we like to be blind ye we don’t wanna know what we’re likely to find.

To find time that we had we don’t have cuz we wasted it.
And made it shit, I’m sick of rhymes when they pasted.
Dimes when they aint piff and women that fake it.
And people that dish it, but still can’t take it…

There’s a lot of things I’m sick of, the biggest is drunk hiccups.
Until I hit the age that I’m not getting my dick up.
Then that’ll be the biggest. Not my dick but what I’m sick of.
The hindrance of impotence but that just seems to fit us. Don’t it?

Our own opponents are us. The way we live it.
Until we hit the moment of trust & decide to pivot.
So Which is it?

To push for war, or forward?
Ahead is where I’m headed & progression’s what I’m more for…

If we sit ‘em down & talk, and just make ‘em start to write songs.
Teach ‘em how to beat the decision to start to right wrongs.
Get em in the spotlight. Flash ‘em wit a Nikon.
Ye cuz you would be surprised what you could capture with the lights on.

Cuz with the lights on, you can see the flaws, and the cons of a man that has nothing but wants.
And the flaunts of the women living efficient with shame.
Cuz with the lights on, we can be the difference of change.






But never read, by anybody instead. It was thrown to the side and never brought up again…
Track Name: The Get Up ft. Lani Billard
Verse 1:
Get Up!
And give it everything that you got.
Don’t let anybody tell you that you’re something your not.
Don’t let the haters get to ya, nah praise to the Buddha. Then boot these fuckers till they take it, to the face through computers.

Now nobody can ever tell you that you’re stupid cmon, I been told that a lot before but still I’m doing it strong.
I’m doing my own and using what I knew in a song, to do the best that I can and still I’m provin ‘em wrong.

I’m pursuing my dream, and completing my goals, & aint a single person stopping me cuz fuck what you’re told.
You gotta move about your wits so you aint stuck in a hole, so I’m living everyday a youngen because fuck getting old.

HOOK (Lani Billard)
They will doubt you.
They will leave you.
They’ll put on pressure so you never get up.
So, slow.

They will doubt you.
Till they need you.
So just remember you should never give up.
No, No.

If you fall don’t stop.
Learn to crawl then walk.
If you’re put down, get up, no never give up & now give it everything you’ve got.

Verse 2:
Listen to what I’m telling you, you’ll never be alone.
No matter if you’re without one you’ll always have a home.
With music where you could choose to abuse it and act foolish
Or lose it to rap music to get back in the zone.

Whether you fall or you don’t, just live it all this for fun
To be the father of hope and have the modest o sons.
With One dream, one goal, one life; all in for one.
Where the people that you love aint gon die by the gun.

It’s all but begun, the way that I wanna be living. Where all the people in my neighbourhood are not in a prison.
Acting smarter never harder then they gotta be, listen. I’m tryna change the way we act, and so we gotta be driven.

Religion can divide us.
Similar to I, was blinded by the people telling me this is behind us.
But it’s not and no nothing we do can bring. Us people together close, like the music so we sing…


Verse 3:
I don’t believe in a god, but I believe in my fans. Where no matter what I believe in they’ll still be in the stands.
I’ll be eager to even greet em with CD’s in advance. To show them the love they’ve given me when I had needed the chance: Fam.

But if you’re at wits end, you gotta be thick friend. You gotta be strong, gotta be tough, gotta be Ip Man.
You gotta gather up your strength, take a leap of faith. Shake it off and then open up that wingspan!

Trust, you will fly soar high and become. The new Icarus of rap, you will ride to the sun.
But you won’t get burnt. Because you can’t get hurt.
You been hurt too much before so you’ll find that you’re numb to it.

The dumbest shit you’re done with it, enough of it; FINISHED. Now start this journey on your own, yeah get up and go get it.
And remember what all of this is about. That’s shutting everybody out, and shutting their mouths!

And doubts crush ‘em, without cussing, tell the world that you’re here and you’re ‘bout something.
But nah fuck ‘em, I’m bout cussing. So fuck the world in the ear till they hear & they doubt nothing.

Don’t trust ‘em, not a one o them bitches. They’ll all say you aint shit till you one of them bitches.
That’s got a hundred o bitches, and they got none o the bitches.
And so they’ll say you were the shit and they got love for you: bitches.

So don’t let the world get you down, because people can hurt you, people can love you, people can be your enemies, your friends, your family, but who they can’t be is you.
It’s all about who you become after the storm.
And you’re what separates success from failure, nobody else.
So get up!
Track Name: Beggin'
Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall.
Are you ready?

[Beggin’ – Begging you. Put your loving hand out baby.
Beggin’ – Begging you. Put your loving hand out darling…]

Okay Okay Okay
Let’s get it, lets get it, lets go!

Always had what I needed. White-tee fresh with black Adidas.
Till I lost it all, so I’m not as clean. I’ma teenage dirtbag; Wheatus. Jesus!
Nah I mean it, I was the cleanest, till I lost it for no good reason.
Like if men are from Mars, and women from Venus, why did Earth just come between us.

Cuz seasons they change, yeah.
But to me they’re the same, how?
I see these people sleeping on the streets in the rain.

And so I’m begging you, nah I’m telling you! That this world’s gon need more revenue, whether you ready or never knew any who, we need the petty to give up the pennies to who? Us!


Ima man with a plan so basic. Give a hand, get a hand, no hatred.
But a hand isn’t free in the land of the free when the hand of the man demands payment.

Ima stand to the man no patience. Show the man that I aint gonna take it.
I give a damn bout the fans they’re my fam digging jams, if you can take my hand we’ll make it.

If we give a helping hand to the homeless; poor.
Give another hand, for the alone and more.
Hone it, Bonus, Otis or… Redding I be wet in rain, don’t it pour.

I’m for helping out, but our world is not. Not keen to agree that our world is botched.
Ye nobody seems to see what our world has brought. & so I’m telling you we’re getting through, burn or not!

Hot or cold, cauldrons, stirring pots. We’ve developed whole names outa Birkenstocks. Ye, I spin for the wind and the world to stop. But this globe and the world, it twirls a lot.

Drop to the ground and feel the rumble. Not for the sound but to feel the jungle.
Humblesome roars on a silent night, where the lions & the tigers they hide in sight.

Not so nice, when a tiger swipes and when the hand that you feeds got minor bites.
Trying to like light what is dynamite, is a plan that you won’t seem to try again.
When I’m Beggin you!


Allright hurr me boy, aint a Jersey Boy. Got my city on my back like a Jersey Boy.
Oy. Vey! Girls & boys, deploy toys and let’s get this whole world to play.

Cuz we can we should we will. But we can’t when good get’s killed.
And bad prevails in all women and males where they stand they stood so still.

We’re doing our best, and if you should suggest we’re doing anything but, I’ll put two in your chest. I mean two in your hand cuz I’m bout peace.
& I’m Jewish, give a damn if you doubt me, out me!

See if I give a damn suckas, g’head I’m beggin you…

HOOK [x2]
Track Name: My Neighbourhood
Welcome to the world that I’m from, baby do you wanna be “My Neighbour?”
Dontcha wanna be “My Neighbour?”
They say that where you’re going ain’t no ways where you’re from.
Baby someday you’ll be “My Neighbour?”
Dontcha wanna be “My Neighbour?”
(My neighbour)

Oh Hi. Hello. Welcome to my city. Let me show you round downtown in my city.
I don’t got a car but that’s cool, nothing’s far. Just a walk down the block and my towns turn to cities.

Cities turn to hills, never asked, never will but I know that my city be the best in the world.
None less than obsessed with our teams. Yeah we’re kinda shit, but we’re dressed to the T.
Nothing less than the best we’re supreme, with a dream we are dreamers.
Chess; we the Queen

And please… Pick all of your litter up you litter bugs, man this city isn’t etched wrecked but it’s clean. It’s a nest for the Jays, a branch for the Leafs & wherever the fuck Raptors eat!

Yeah Toronto is the city I was born in, sworn in to this rap shit, fact I’m the foreman. Organ to this game & our heart beats strong. We get better and together our heart beats on.,.

And so on we keep truckin’ on we keep runnin’ and we run till our runs turn to jogs and we huffin’.
And we outta breath yes, but never stopped yet, no!
Always on some new shit. “You spit techno?”
Jew with a pencil. Yeah, I said, so welcome to the world that I’m from, kids “Lets Go!”


Cuz in my city we have freedom, freed men. And all the women and the kids, they’re wee gems. A bright flickers what he said, she said, but give a kid a pencil and he’ll write sick, bleed lead. But give ‘em no rope, and no hope and street cred, and they’ll be low coke dealers doped up and seen dead.

Well no shit man, you showboating meatheads.
You bozos be so slow & nose-picking eat’n.
I wont fix my flow no I wont be the beaten, I’m the O in the Ozone, you no witted cretins!

& I’ll teach ‘em.
The children that were born in my town, that you’re a prince, not a print. You we’re born to be crowned. A sworn sword swinging nord that’ll wake in the PM. With a Mordor roar with the force of a TNT bomb outta Vaughan to where the parkway Queen ends, and then seize the day bitch “Carpe Diem!”

Ye, all our neighbours say the CN’s “Haha! Very good, Tip Top, Tres Bien”
I aint even French, but my friends they be ‘em. From QC, to AB, MTL and VN.

Trademarked from another, despite what you’ve heard we aint crooks we are lovers. We cook for our mothers, roofs to the gutters, but some pricks decide to judge books by the covers.

Track Name: Heartbeat ft. iLLvibe
Verse 1:
Yeah you know that feeling?
When all your breathing picks up in a rush “THUMP! THUMP!” just when you get to meeting.

Well that’s that feeling!
When all that’s beating is love on a crush, “THUMP! THUMP!” just when you get to speaking.

But you say nothing. And so does she.
Both you crushing & blushing for all to see.

Then you say something. And so does she.
All o sudden in love & you’re overseas.

She be your girl you be her man your both to be.
A married couple eloped & supposed to be.

Together, always forever. No never drifting apart.
I got that love that never leaves with a beat. G’head, feel my heart.
Lets go!

You know that feeling you get when you’re outta breath and obsessed with that chick you wish you knew, but you two have never met?

Well that’s the worst, but she’s the best.
She keeps me breathing, hearbeating right out my chest.

- iLLvibe

(O.Zee Grassman)
You know that feeling you get when you’re outta breath and obsessed with that chick you wish you knew, but you two have never met?

Well that’s the worst, but she’s the best.
She keeps me breathing, hearbeating right out my chest.

- iLLvibe

Verse 2:
In that way, that she glows, she got me she aching to know.
If she can even see me see her when she’s shakin’ her toes.

But I go, I go, I go. And she knows, she knows, she knows.

Everything that I have is ours, yours and mine.
Everything that I have in store, is yours to find.

So let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. Ye you know, you know, you know.

Everything that I have is ours, yours and mine.
Everything that I have in store, is yours to find.

But that’s if you search for it. So c’mon work for it.
Because this love I got I gone and went berserk for it!

Track Name: Serpent
I can be your sugar man, you can be my sugar lady, how bout we can make us a “Sugar Baby.”

You must be made of it, now that I got the taste for it. I’m aching for the taste of that “Sugar Baby.”

Verse 1:
Or salt, cuz you be bitter as herb. Hancock I can Rockit splitting the curve.
To teach, learn what I know on my CD tip. & you’re damn sure as hell right that I remixed this. Bitch!

So yeah a chick can be your butterfly, but a chick can be a beast. Aint no Beauty like the movies, some chicks should be on a leash.
A chick can be your butterfly, but a chick can be a leech. Sucking everything but dick, with a mission to see you beat.

Nah I keep on, yeah I keep going. Keep keeping on calm & I keep strong.
Cuz each song that I make. Is another handout, like a palm to face.

Come come my lady, come come my lady.
Can I get me some o that “Sugar Baby?”
Okay then maybe, we’ll sit here for the day.
We can talk about nothing, “You make me go crazy!”

Things are feeling rocky, so I made you some coffee.
Hot tea and I brought you some “Sugar, Baby.”

But still I’m in the hot seat, treated like a nazi. Fine, but just know “You make me go crazy!”

Insane, and you be splitting my brain, but I think I love you and this pain could be part of the game. And so I’m playing.
With the aim of hoping to win cause I’ve lost too many times before and started over again.

& so I pause. And I think of applause.
Then applaud myself for thinking that I did it at all.

But then I pause. And I think of my flaws.
And I’m flawed to think I did it well or did a good job.

And that’s because I get to thinking, because I get to moping. Toking, smoking cigarettes and drinking in the open.
Because I get to drinking, because I get to smoking. These hoes be thinking “Oh he’s bad, we should approach him!”


Like a mental patient, I’m stationed to delegate. I never wait to cut their steaks with Methylphenidate.
And nothing that I ever say to them would penetrate, so to mental patients I say that we celebrate!

Yeah it’s a curse to me personally, living out adversity. Purposely getting hurt worse than if you bit the curb for me.
So get the word from me, I rep the bird dummy. And so the bird is the word, that’s what you heard from me.

So fuck the scummy, bummy under-chicks who understudy the other bitches, undercutting others for nothing chicks.
And fuck the money-hungry honey chicks. Undercover to punish chicks, the ones who funnel funds into nothing chicks.

I am done with it, I don’t think it’s funny bitch. Lemme see you laughing when I’m making all this money bitch.
When I’m making money rich, I’ll waste it for the fun of it. I don’t fuck with frigid chicks, shit you’re seeing Nunavut.

Track Name: Please Stand
Attention students, attention faculty, please stand for your morning announcements…

Would you.
Please stand for your.
Please stand for your.
Please stand for your.
Morning announcements

Attention students, attention faculty, attention tenants, the defendants and academy.
Attention Buddhists, attention Judaic or Aramaic nudists or Judas follow after me and…

Please stand for your.
Please stand for your.
Please stand for your.
Morning announcements

Verse 1:
I don’t like music. Nah I love music!
That’s why I write music, listen and have fun to it.

Doing drugs to it, puffing up a blunt to it.
I wanna lick it, stick my dick in then make love to it.

Bust a nut to it “Ew that’s enough stupid!”
Dontcha know? Yeah, music’s what I does Doofus.

“So what it do? How you doing? How are you?”

I’m all right, ye I’m good, getting through.
But I got this thing I gotta get too.


I’ll hit you back & I’ll check you.

I didn’t text you & it’s already noon the next day, & I’d say that was probably rude.
I agree with that, but even the sweetest ass. Can’t get me to cease, it’s O.Zee & the beat attached.

It’s coming with me, or without you. So take your pick, pick a route, cuz I’m out soon.

I’m about to.

I’m about to!

Guess I’m bout tree’s, O.Zee aint about you.


Verse 2:
Attention students get the fuck up on your desks. Make a mess, fuck waiting for grades or taking other tests.
We repress, I’m ripping up every card. Erasing reports courses, monthly till we get ours.

I got the monkiest bars, with the funkiest Garfunkel Ruckus, you must’ve loved to touch my tuchas, you are lucky.

I said a cuss but who’d have thunk it, thought it. I bring the funk. Who the fuck you think brought it?

Jump back and forth with us. Use the force with us.
A Jedi in training, painting a portrait of us.
Wayne Damien, sick in the cranium.
Dome sewn shut, both up flipping the avian.

Ye that’s two birds I threw up, Or two thirds of 3.
So what the hell you think that those two words could be?

Is that too tough dude? Is that enough, do you comprehend or understand the meaning of FUCK YOU!

Track Name: "Push" ft. J.Movilla
Hook: (J.Movilla)
Cuz we can, we will get better.
No matter the storm, no matter what the weather is
We'll work together, pushing pulling on the levers.
Watch us jump off, & move it on to other levels

So lemme hear you say push.

I aint hearing ya, what’d you say?

In my ear again, lemme give you a push.

Like a lady giving labor to babies c’mon push!

Verse 1:
So this is you, this is me, this is all.
All o you, what I mean would be y’all,
Now give a ring, [Ringtone] give a hoot give a call, I don’t give a shit, or give a hoot give at all.

I’m living life, like a ball referee. Ever white, ever tall, ever Zee.
Ever me, how I feel it through the ebonies & bring it back on the beat with my energy.

So c’mon walk with me, talk with me, shall we?
Tell me who you’ve lost, haven’t got. You can tell me.
Cuz I can tell that you’ve lost a hell of a lot, and even fought for this spot but to stop isn’t healthy.

So help me help you get going. No one else just your self in the moment.
Now get rowing, and get yourself up out the river. By owning every opponent and never being a quitter!


But in this world that I’m in they don't get it: Credit!
For all of those alone and regret it.
Push comes to shove in a home and they let it, pewter to gold, yeah it's chrome where I’m headed.

Rules carved into stone like a relic.
A fetish.

That we all have known and developed.

In each others needs and the jealous.
The zealous.

What I see is greed, it's pathetic!

But there’s a lot of things in life, and I don’t get it. There’s a lot of things in life man, don’t sweat it.

Forget it!
Carry on and have a blast & never worry bout the things up in the past.
Just try to live it like today is your last & alas you aint bitching, nah you’re kicking it’s ass. We chill and watch the world while we sit in the grass.
And watch it go by while we kick it and laugh.
And why?
Track Name: Thank You ft. Tyanna Nikkita
Hook: (Tyanna Nikkita)
Hello friends. We’ve hit the end.
I wanna thank you once again for listening.

Nobody else would
Nobody else could.
Give me the feeling I’m feeling
And getting help’s good

Cuz you been there for me.
So I’ll be there for you.
No matter thick or thin.
We’ll get you a new pair o shoes.

Cuz I am here for you.
Cuz you been there for me.
So I don’t lose it.
Making music is my therapy.

Verse 1:
This is my last song to you.
So I thought it’d be good.
To give it everything I got, and just show you what it means to have the power of you.
My Hood.

On my back cuz in fact you keep me knowing.
Even after the fact you keep me flowin
& Flowing, & Flowing & Flowing & Flowing
And I go in cuz of you y’all you keep me going.

Oh and I forgot to say where I’m from.
Thornhill, born here. Since the age of 1.
Had bad days sure but I made em fun.
Cuz you get what you give so I gave ‘em ummm.

Can’t talk about it, let’s not. But I do give back Hip Hop.
With the funk & the soul & the jazz & the rock & I do dig Asher Roth.



Verse 2:
I forgot though, “Arigato!”
“Gracias, Grazie, Danke, Mahallo!”

That’s thank you…
All my fans from Toronto.
And to those I do not know.

Oh, and I can’t describe it.
The happiness I get, when you’re all behind it.
My music that moves you and that you find it music to move to, and that’s the best.

I’ma have to confess, that it matches sex or half-assing a class and then passing tests. Yes!

Cash or check? None cuz I’m broke and I’m back in debt.
But that don’t matter no, I can go flatter broke, in the streets in the cold in some ol tattered clothes. To show that I know there is no better feeling when your own home gives you happiness.


So you be my therapist.
I’ll be your client.
Never shutting up until you turn me off.
But I turn you on to buy it.

I said…

If you be my therapist.
I’ll be your client.
Never shutting up until you turn me off.
But I turn you on to buy it.