3rd Rock

by Grossman

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A track dedicated to this rock we live on and it's human inhabitants.
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Is what we all are.
And this patio is bigger than we all are.
But it’s all ours.
A planet by a lost star.

In galaxy we trust.
God is one of us.
Who’d you think he was, silly?
Tell me what he’s done really?

All he’s been a bully to his son.
Did he.
Ever really prove that he’s there.
Cared, no.
Left him to be bare boned hung up like a scarecrow.
So tell me, where do prayers go?

Ergo a cross was built to raise thoughts and build enrage hostiles all to kill hope.
On the real though, where we all go?
I dunno.
If I did then I’d tell ‘em all the kids that are fed up with religion nothing is fasho.
That’s fasho.

If it is, than I’d get up & forgive, give for and afford to be for the better of the people.
Don’t forget all of our people.
We will.
Never get a sequel.

Yet I see still, every person littering, bicker and picking different things to bitch about.

Same with me, I be flipping out, flipping off every MickyD’s drive thru when they get it wrong.

Why you always gotta get it wrong?
Do it again you won’t be living long.

I’m just kitten dog, back to the rhythm raw, raw spitting raps till these catdogs get along.

Better on better off as a group, just Earthlings broth from a soup.
Often uncouth, tossing shit up off o the top of the roof.
Throwing caution at you.

You can cough or atchoo.
I aint gotta bless your god damn flu.
A god damn Jew’s what I am & I god damn do.
None of what you preach, get a god damn clue.

Lebanon, Israel. Get a god damn room.
Palestine too, is that god damn rude?

If god damned us then god damned you.
& you tell us that theres nothing left that god can’t do?

Tell me the god damn truth.
Not a god damn lie, ive been lied to my whole damn life.

& so have you, but you knew that didn’t you?
Yeah you did, but to you that’s minimal.
To you that’s miniscule.
But to me I get pissed from the lies and the fibs that consume individuals.
Tattoos and subliminals. No etiquette, shoes in a swimming pool.

I get fed up with the new era thugs, and drugs and all that.
The clubs is all whack, and im fed up with you fucks that post in all caps.

Or the capitalistic views for music. The views are choosen.
How’d we lose it? The right to be happy with the music you build.
Being told you can’t fill the shoes that you fill.
Is a hit to the gut, or a punch to the face kinda pain that makes you wanna jump the gate and run for days, so you don’t suffocate f’real.

Fuck a hater who be up and on my tail.
All y’all can suffocate in hell.

All y’all is nothing to me, ye you think you fucking with me fuck is you dumb sons o bitches doing in my ear.

Shoo motherfucker, move motherfucker, do what you motherfuckers do just don’t do it over here.


Man I hope they don’t, because if they do, then we’re fucked and we all got shit to lose. Like for instance you could take different views and put distance between two,
Shit, we do.

That’s the shit we do, yeah that’s us.
People, Humans, Earthlings, Shmucks.
Equal, ha that’s a joke to us.
With this world on fire we smoke it up.

They could burn it down, we’ll build it up.
They could burn it to the ground but we wont give up.
We chose the Earth, and this Earth chose us.
So let’s show this Earth, what our Earths made of.

We’re not made up, we’re just made of.
People who are frightened by attacks from these kid assassins, newer axis’ isn’t happenin, but it is, so when the fuck will we all wake up?

Shit, we better cuz it’s probably for the better that we all come together.
Picture peace is a girl but shes out of reach well then it’s time that we all go get her.

Fit the picture pieces in respective places and respect the place that we live.
The people in it, beliefs religions take a breath and get lit.

I give up, fuck tryna save it.
I wrote all these words for the world that I’ve hated.
Shit status, inflated, shameless, we made it so.
Am I gonna save it? No!

Who the fuck do you think I am, Superman?
Shit I think I am, think I does. Win? Yeah I think I is.
Him, and I’m never gonna sink again.

When it’s sink or swim, what you gonna do?
Get down with the crew, drown with the crew?
Shoot for the crown or get popped, shot down with the crew?
“How’s that working out for you?”

Didn’t think so great, this dope tape, is what you gotta aim for bitch go cray.
Lock me outside like a dog in the rain when I slide out the door for a quick smoke break

If I can’t get in, I’ll put my fist through this door you adore or the window pane.
Shit no way, you think this is a game?
If it was then I’d win cuz I spit dope flames.

Flip the board in monopoly, aint nobody stopping me, to hell with hotels & fuck all of your properties.

If only I could do that I would feel good, If only I could that in the real world.


released May 2, 2016
Beat by: Padre-D - @PadreDPro
Mixed & Mastered by: DJ Merciless - @DjMerciless




Grossman Toronto, Ontario

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