S​.​T​.​I​.​U​.​T​.​D. (Shove This In Ur Tape Deck)

by Grossman

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S.T.I.U.T.D. (Shove This In Ur Tape Deck) is Grossman's 4th album and features beats by Gramatik and Anno Domini.

The idea behind this album was to try and relive the essence of the rugged & raw recordings that were present in all older songs from the 90's era.


released March 1, 2016

Vocals mixed & mastered by Myles Schwartz

Released under ROCKFORD Collective



all rights reserved


Grossman Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: Start Here
I’d like to welcome you and help you to escape.
This tape was built for you to help me to relate
To you.
Ima take you through, 8 different states, Zulu nations and estates that have since had their faiths ruined.

Ima break through the walls that you build.
You put em up I break em down, that’s what’s wrong with these kids.
Aint no privacy or hiding place besides when they dead.
Any private thing you’re hiding all resides on the web.

Ya heard?

That’s fucked up! Now how did we fuck up?
I don’t remember voting for my life to be public.

I click agree and my life isn’t mine, like I signed a dotted line for a knife to the spine?

Fuck your terms and conditions, ima murder the system like a bird or any vermin or a germ in my kitchen.

I use OFF & Raid mixed with toxin spray. To rid any Mick Jagger that’ll walk this way.

I’m new to new aged,
The Sou in soufflé
The super duper dude who went Jew and grew braids

For two days I was talking black.
I was told I was brainwashed by Rock & Rap.
So slacking off in class is how I’d often act.
Until I got it in my noggin to get off my ass.

Fuck it I’m done, stop the track.
Track Name: Test
Test, test.
All right we on?

I aint B-Rabbit. I need a gimmick but I don't have it.
Hope has it. And it won’t let me at it.
Feinding for it like a dope addict I broke baddest.
Since a kid I was told not to smoke faggots.

But I did still I do, have a cig what it do.
What it be, one for me, one for you.

Burn one down for the crew.
Burn down all the new.
Bring back the old in the sound for the food.
For the soul, for the sights in the mind.
That fall to deaf ears cuz the hype is blind.
So I write these rhymes to try and heighten minds of mine finding the peak but the heights a climb.

The kind that’ll test you
The kind that upsets you.
To find that your climb that you climbed you’ll never get to.

Unless you can handle the shit.
Then get up, and get out & make that mountain your bitch.

Make a run for it, run forest.
Think of what you done for it.
Any door that’s porous you should run toward it.

Never stop no.
Know that all is possible.
Except for when you have friends pretending that they for you.

I’ve had friends that are friends till the end but you’ll always have more friends that’ll tend to ignore you.

At least I do.
So I flew.
I flew, and I fly coops.
Away from the fakest of faces that I knew.
Like “By the by I be chilling by the bayou, with a Mai Thai high fiving several different models.”

Man fuck you!
I don’t give a shit about your life I got struggles.
I care about mines and no othas.

Cuz i’m tryna get heard and tryna get help.
I’m tryna get the word out and put on shelfs.
But just like everybody else is I’m all by myself.
And here I am being selfish with what I been dealt?

So who the fuck am I tell you what you can and cant do?
Damn I can’t choose.
Do I give a shit if you rappers look like idiots or is it just a symbol for the fans to put they hands up to jam & dance to.

Damn I can’t choose.
Damn I can’t choose.
My brain’s come up blank like an avalanche do.

Do I want people hearin’ what I really wanna say.
Or do I want people hearing what they really wanna play.

I don’t know.
If I did then I’d sell out shows.
Yeah I know, but I don’t wanna sell out though.

Cuz that’s what you do.
You do too.
Too much of this fuck a bitch, gun to hip doot doot.
That’s got these cats Coo Coo, that’s why these cats loot you.
Shoot 2 2’s from the gats out the roof do you see what you do & that the youth does what you do.

I hope so cuz we’re all a movement.
We can’t move men without someone losing.
That shit’s proven.

That shit’s proven.

That shit’s proven.
I’m not.
I’m sick of choosing what ya’ll wanna cop.

That shit’s proven.
I’m not.
I’m sick of choosing what ya’ll think is hot

How I write this, whether I get nice with, or offend friends with the pen or the mics just another o my devices, another way you might just.
Actually feel a track o mine deep & you like it.

Track Name: I Just (Won't Stop)
Verse 1:
Some days, they come & some go.
Some days they melt dry like the summer to snow.
When the warmth of the sun will erode.
When the roads that we run on become what we sow. Y’know?

This is for the misters, the kids & the Mrs.
My every enemy dickheads & bitches.
I swam through the water the wrong way & finished.
Before you, I saw you, with Kanye - Gay fishes.

I’m kidding…
I just wanted your attention, opinions and mentions the best that you’ve given.
I’m blessed with the rhythm, but stressed with the system of brothers and sisters obsessing with killing.

I’m insisting my siblings lay rest to the ism’s. The females the males, men & the women.

All you gotta do is let ‘em know you with ‘em.
Every gender has a trendsetter in them.

HOOK - & I just won’t stop…
[English Translation of Chorus]
There are days that just come.
And days that just go.
And some days,I just pass too.

Im on the edge of a beautiful sea
On the edge of anger,marvel or solitude.
What is this for? Why am I here?
I know, I know, Good or bad.
It will pass & I’m not giving up.

Verse 2:
I dream of the days when my days aren’t a dream.
Where I’m done all the dreaming, and days come to be.
Luxuries & the fans, the days summer breeze.
Me loving them & they loving me.

If it was possible to please everybody at once I still wouldn’t cuz everybody’s a cunt.
Including I, me.
Why please, others when others are taking the high seas to fly free.

I been told I should take Tai Chi & relax.
Well that’s for you, but for me all I need is to rap.
It’s all I breathe in fact, my only means of attack
is a track attached to beats to appease my ass.

I believe that my craft isn’t pre or proactive.
It’s tedium acts within a tedious practice.
It’s me from the past, presented free for the masses.
I’m between pre & pro, let’s say I’m “medium active.”

HOOK - & I just won’t stop…

I’ve got a lot of people telling me I’m not good.
Good, I don’t give a fuck what you think is hot

Should I talk hood, walk hood, ski-mask & rock hoods? & knock the top off o this block like Tupac would?

Du Hast you! I had to.
I lost you, I found you.
Knocked on wood off & on often to have you.

I’ve talked to the docs who we’re taught from a classroom.
Crossed through the jocks and the doctrines to grab you.

But that too, consumed me. Trying to be who I wasn’t wasn’t what I wanted but that dude consumed me. Looking back on the past I’m passed passing myself off as a master of rap I’ll just do me.

Because half of the craft is who you are.
The other half of the craft is who you aren’t.
It’s art and nothing but.
What you can become
An up n coming superstar jumping to the sun.


HOOK - & I just won’t stop…
Track Name: Upsettion
Bust it, bust it.
Who u think u fucking with?

Who the fuck is this, snuffleufugus, get the fuck up out my face before I hit you in the upper lip. Upper cut, one-up you with my other fist.
Then snuff your mother when she sucking my dick.

Don’t give a fuck, who the fuck that you is.
I said fuck a bunch o times, what you fucking forget?

Fuck the fuck fuck, fuckas, why the fuck is you pissed?
Cuz I piss on all you fuckers while you shoveling shit?


Yeah I cuss when I spit.
What the fucks it to you?
If you say I aint great get the fuck out the room.
Get a punch to the womb.
Sucks to be you, & your baby when he can’t even eat lunch with a spoon.
He eats lunch with a straw, so I would hum to my tunes.
If I were you before you gon hum nothing at all.

The humdrum, conundrum, the ones that come from the unsung sons of some some or someshit.

I’ll spit in your cunt bitch.
I spit in abundance
Punt bunnies at anybody that comes with that dumb shit.

Who the fuck do you run with, that told you that was sick?
It wasn’t, nah mothafucka you suck shit.

Yeah you a shit eater, eating drinking litres of piss
Shooter Mcgavin, down a gallon of shit.
For breakfast.

Break fast for the fifth.
Shut the fuck up if you can’t be rapping like this.

Rapping like us strap you to the back of a truck & back that shit up right into the back of a bus.

Several times, fuck if it’s a federal crime, I’ma rev the fuckin engine till it severs your spine.
& so it’s evident I’m, an intelligent mind.
Name me one crazy bastard that’s as clever as I?

You can’t!

Now lemme show you what I’m jerking off to.
Sure it’s awful, Jewish girls jerking off two German officers inside a Berlin office.

So did you get it, instead of me watching Tel it’s a vision I had to give you, I give in to be developed.

& if you listened to me when I said it then it’s cemented embedded in to your head like an over E.

Accented, French with a scent of my potpourri.
Openly over dosing the dope I can smoke a tree.
I can smoke three.

Tree’s I mean, because I’m an OG.
With a Z in the middle. Yeah I’m a dope fiend.
Be free when you’re little, comma smoke weed.

Sauna, blow steam.
Gotti, no Gene.
Hotties with a body, yeah a body but no dream.

Nah mean?
A broad who just nah mean.
To many o men a menace to many you’d call clean.

There’s too little you’d call Queen, little chicks want dicking the minute you’re on screen.

On they knees & flicking they raw beans.
I bean raw, since I been I spitting that Dhalsim
“Aw geeze, you pissing ‘em off Z.”
Dog please I’m sicker than all breeds, shut it off!
Track Name: Two P's
Cuz I got you, and you’ve got me.
Yeah just us two, one pod two peas.

Verse 1:
Without you I feel nude, I feel these shoes don’t fit too.
They’re too oversized; they grew.
Two sizes at least, they’re too loose for my feet.
When I run they come loose on the street.

I’m just a duck, duck goose for the geese.
But if it’s geese why aren’t two Moose called Meese?
I think about these stupid things like too damn deep.
But when I think about you, if I do can’t sleep.

& I do count sheep, but I still can’t sleep!
Been kicking sheets off ma bed for like two damn weeks.
Less than 2 that’s me.
Plus you, that’s we.
That’s us stuck in the loop like a Toucan beak.


Sweets how I taste you, hours I would wait for you.
Even when you’re sour in taste, I can’t hate you.
I got love for you, hugs for you. & if you’re like me babe. I got drugs for you.

Cuz I got you, and you’ve got me.
Yeah just us two, one pod two peas.
You & I, we’re to be.
Cuz I got you, and babe you got me.

Verse 2:
I love you, I just wanted you to know.

OZG me. Always thinking of you.
I love ya, & I’ll never let ya go.

No never, no matter what the temp is.
Or how high the fence is. I’ll jump it.
And run to your defenses.

I promise.
Anything I can for Adonis.
What’s a king to a goddess?

My valentine, that’s you.
If I had a sign, it’d be you.
But I don’t believe in horoscopes my horrors without you.

I’m more when I’m with you.
Less when I’m without.
Where I wanna be’s right here with you stretched out on the couch.

Stressed when I’m without you.
Blessed to be your man.
Yes, when it’s about you ima do the best I can.

Cuz you deserve the best.
I’ll reserve the rest.
I’ll walk through every hall for you and come to your duress.

Cuz I got you, and you’ve got me.
Yeah just us two, one pod two peas.
You & I, we’re to be.
Cuz I got you, and babe you got me.

Verse 3:
We are two halves of one, us two having fun.
Begun a new era of two having one.
A baby, a child. A girl or a Guiyle
A streetfighter fighter, that girl with the smile.

Let’s name her, let’s name him.
Laym-her/ Layman’s?
Terms is the word’s I would use to explain to him.
How he was birthed she was bornt when I came in.
The torch further forced to the fourth generation.

I’m out of sorts when the head hit’s the station.
What if it’s ugly, can the stork come replace him?
& take ‘em from me I don’t wanna break it to you.
But I can’t be faced with any baby or even raise it with you.

Naked goo goo gaga’s what I’m praying I don’t make it through you.
Do you see me taking time away from you cuz I don’t wanna break up with you.

Be the one to make a boo boo. You do everything I ask you to do, and for that I am forever grateful to you.

Cuz I got you, and you’ve got me.
Yeah just us two, one pod two peas.
You & I, we’re to be.
Cuz I got you, and babe you got me.
Track Name: Differencious
This is the story of the want of a girl, and the want she never got because she wanted the world.

What she sought was unattainable.
Way too crazy to. Grasp at the fact perhaps she wasn’t able to.

Have the world in her palms, create Psalms.
Have the world in her arms, to take on.
Still a mess, but the world goes on.
All that’s left is a girl with a song.

Here’s the story of the want of a boy, and the want he never got because he got it destroyed.

Devoid of all hope.
Ignored by white folk.
Alone in his home & his toys are all broke.

A loner never known & the phone it never rings.
So the boy sits alone in his zone and just sings.

What about the single mothers tryna keep they family covered out the gutters and set ‘em up in the suburbs.

Or the fathers that are caught up in the water with man-eating piranha, spawning faster then a dick in a sauna.

So come on I wanna show you how some people do live.
Them broke mamas always talking bout she feeding her kids.

She feedin you fibs, she aint feeding ‘em shit.
She on the street seeking D from any G with the piff.

Ha, geeze she a bitch.
Even Jesus would’ve easily have pleaded the 5th
It’s been this Greezy since a fetus so like me give a shit?
I for I and I am me without the medias tint.

So go on see for yourself & what the worlds about.
How everybody bout themselves then try to hurry you out.
Overstaying your welcome, where nobody helps, home is what they call it all us always playing with cellphones.

The Selfless selfies from the selfish wealthy Lt.
Lieutenants pen attendance with men who mentally doubt me.
I’m the most epic ever, until every enemy bout me.
Chess or Checkers, better is what I am to you Rousey.

Comma Ronda, Dhamer Jeffrey E Honda.
Elvis Presley don’t impress me he be fetch as my mama.
You be blessing me mama, but you be stressing me mama.
How the hell you gonna clean up all that mess of yours mama.

I’ll lay the recipe on ya. Now let’s just be honest.
Yeah I love you but I hate you for the stress that you brought us.
But I dug you never caved in from the pressure upon us.
So I’d hate to never love you for the lessons you taught us.

So here’s the story of the want of a man, and that man is me just wanting you to all understand…

Let’s just be friends.